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Composites and Sleeklens

1:39 PM Summer Derrick

I was contacted by Sleeklens to review one of their products.  This was a great opportunity because I've been working on composites and switching backgrounds.  Just be warned, I'm not very good at it yet!  In fact, I asked for critique on a composites page and kind of got it handed to me.  Never the less, I'm going to keeping building my skills and I would like to show you what I've done and how Sleeklens has made it easier for me.

So here is my starting image.

I didn't put too much thought into selecting this image.  Mostly I just wanted multiple people and a grey background.

One thing I think I have become good at is masking,  but that is as far as the praise extends.

Masked photo

Then added a pretty spring backdrop

Here's where Sleeklens helped a lot.  I needed to add light to match the light coming in from the left.  I added two light glows from their Portrait Perfection pack.

This is where they are placed

Next, I thought I needed to work on the tones.  This is where admittedly, I need more practice.  Luckily Sleeklens has a few tone adjustments to choose from.

From the enhance tones options in the Portrait Perfection pack, I added Oh Yeah, Fire Starter, Girl like you and Romantic Dance. 

I'm excited to play around a bit more with the Sleeklens products.  If you want to check out the cool things they have to offer you can follow these links.

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