Baby Children

Baby Boy

8:53 PM Summer Derrick

I absolutely love newborns!!  They are sneaking into my heart as one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  Maybe if I could do something conceptual with newborns and then turn it into some sort of advertisement.  That would be a dream come true!  Yay, babies!  Anyways, I was invited to this cute gentlemen's house this last week.  We had all sorts of fun.  Part of the fun was that, said gentlemen's mom, is an amazing decorator which provided many fun places and multiple angles to shoot.  I took over 400 pictures and left them all for her to weed through.....oops.  Baby gentlemen and his older gentlemen brother, were just too completely adorable.  I hope you agree!

"The Long Kiss"  -His Dad
I can't even get a groom to do this great of a kiss to his bride
And....helping the head
"Smile, baby!"
See what I did there?  Heirloom crib, right in the foreground!  Bam!
And now?  Here are a billion shots of nearly the same pose but different expressions.  I COULD NOT CHOOSE.  Look how stinkin' cute he is!
"Claw Swim"
he he

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