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Late Fall

3:20 PM Summer Derrick

One of life's mysteries, as a photographer, shows its ugly head in late fall. When the leaves have fallen and snow has yet to cover up the dirty wet dog look, that is outdoors, where can one hold a location shoot? One of my solutions is at Exchange Place in downtown Salt Lake City. A few weeks ago, I held two shoots there because....why not? I love that place. It has an urban feel any time of year and multiple options for backgrounds and poses. Besides the location being in common, both family shoots also had a charming four legged family member, making this secluded, outdoor location even more ideal.

Isn't this dog completely adorable?
Not posed.  Just for fun, but I like it.

This dog was cracking me up.  He would just poke his head up and fit himself right into the pose.
What are these things called?  Zerberts or Raspberries?  I don't know, but it sure is cute when babies do it.  
Yay!  There were some fall leaves.
I know this is over kill on the baby photos but she was just so cute.
The leaves must have been coated with sugar.  She couldn't stop eating them.
Whoops again!  Babies don't always stay posed.

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