Family Portraits

Hedgehog Family

1:32 PM Summer Derrick

Happy New Year!  Over the holidays, I babysat a family of hedgehogs!  A single mom and four crazy girls (thankfully they all turned out to be girls.  I don't think hedgehogs care about incest and they probably multiply like rabbits).

Of course they wanted family pictures.  Everyone is so demanding around the holidays.  We weren't efficient enough to get Christmas cards out for them so I told them I would blog about the fun time we had.

Hedgehogs are actually, to my surprise, so super cute.  I might have maybe become a little attached.  Look at those adorable faces!  When they believe there is a threat, they curl up into a ball and stick out their spikes.  They do it fast. So cool.  We had to wear garden gloves every time we picked one up.

Here are the Pokey's

This one is the mom.  She drove to all the activities.

Make over time!!
The royal princess
This one's hair accidentally got turned blue.  It happened from a hedghog toy before I even picked them up.  I DIDN'T DO IT!! But now, she is a rock star.
Potty training....success!
It was pretty fun but then the mom had to go pee on my backdrop.  Party over.

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